put down roots

put down roots
phrasal to establish a permanent residence

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • put down roots — ► put down roots begin to have a settled life in a place. Main Entry: ↑root …   English terms dictionary

  • put down roots — verb a) to do things which show that one wishes to stay put It might be hard for her to leave London after all these years, shes put down roots there. b) to feel that one belong in a place I havent put down roots in this town yet, cause Ive got… …   Wiktionary

  • put down roots — if you put down roots in a place, you do things which show that you want to stay there, for example making friends or buying a home. It would be hard to leave Brighton after eleven years he s put down roots there …   New idioms dictionary

  • put down roots — 1) to become a part of the community where you live by making friends and taking part in local activities I didn t want to move away now I d put down roots. 2) if a plant puts down roots, its roots become strong and established …   English dictionary

  • put down roots — live in one place for years, buy land and raise a family    After moving from town to town, we put down roots in Moose Jaw …   English idioms

  • put down roots — they married and put down roots in Yemen Syn: settle, establish oneself, make one s home, set up home …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • put down roots — begin to have a settled life in a place. → root …   English new terms dictionary

  • put down roots — SETTLE, establish oneself, set up home. → root …   Useful english dictionary

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