Porkkala Peninsula

Porkkala Peninsula
geographical name peninsula S Finland W of Helsinki

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Porkkala — ( sv. Porkala) is a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland located at Kirkkonummi (Kyrkslätt) in Southern Finland. The peninsula had great strategic value, as coastal artillery based there would be able to reach more than halfway across the Gulf of… …   Wikipedia

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  • Mäkiluoto — (Makilo in Swedish) is a Finnish island in the Gulf of Finland, just to the south of Porkkala peninsula. It is part of Kirkkonummi municipality. The whole island is an unmanned military installation and access for civilians is heavily restricted …   Wikipedia

  • Hanko — (pronounced|ˈhɑŋko) in Finnish, Hangö in Swedish, and Гангут in Russian), is a bilingual port town on the south coast of Finland, 130 km west of Helsinki. Its current population is 9,905 (2004 12 31), with a majority being Finnish speakers and a… …   Wikipedia

  • Peter the Great's Naval Fortress — or the Tallinn Porkkala defence station was a Russian fortification line, which aimed to block access to the Russian capital Saint Petersburg via the sea. The plans for the fortress included heavy coastal artillery pieces along the northern and… …   Wikipedia

  • Kirkkonummi — (pronounced|ˈkirkːoˌnumːi), or Kyrkslätt (IPA| [tɕyrkslɛt] ) in Swedish), is a municipality of 34,389 inhabitants (2006 12 31) in southern Finland. The literal meaning of the words Kirkkonummi and Kyrkslätt in English is church moor .The… …   Wikipedia

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