I. noun Etymology: Middle English projecte, from Medieval Latin projectum, from Latin, neuter of projectus, past participle of proicere to throw forward, from pro- + jacere to throw — more at jet Date: 15th century 1. a specific plan or design ; scheme 2. obsolete idea 3. a planned undertaking: as a. a definitely formulated piece of research b. a large usually government-supported undertaking c. a task or problem engaged in usually by a group of students to supplement and apply classroom studies 4. a usually public housing development consisting of houses or apartments built and arranged according to a single plan Synonyms: see plan II. verb Etymology: Anglo-French projecter, from Latin projectus, past participle Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. a. to devise in the mind ; design b. to plan, figure, or estimate for the future <
project expenditures for the coming year
2. to throw or cast forward ; thrust 3. to put or set forth ; present for consideration 4. to cause to jut out 5. to cause (light or shadow) to fall into space or (an image) to fall on a surface <
project a beam of light
6. to reproduce (as a point, line, or area) on a surface by motion in a prescribed direction 7. to display outwardly especially to an audience <
project an image
an actress who could project amorality — Current Biography
8. to attribute (one's own ideas, feelings, or characteristics) to other people or to objects <
a nation is an entity on which one can project many of the worst of one's instincts — Times Literary Supplement
intransitive verb 1. to jut out ; protrude 2. a. to come across vividly ; give an impression b. to make oneself heard clearly • projectable adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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