I. verb (raised; raising) Etymology: Middle English reisen, raisen, from Old Norse reisa — more at rear Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. to cause or help to rise to a standing position 2. a. awaken, arouse b. to stir up ; incite <
raise a rebellion
c. to flush (game) from cover d. to recall from or as if from death 3. a. to set upright by lifting or building <
raise a monument
b. to lift up <
raise your hand
raise sunken treasure
c. to place higher in rank or dignity ; elevate d. heighten, invigorate <
raise the spirits
e. to end or suspend the operation or validity of <
raise a siege
4. to get together for a purpose ; collect <
raise funds
5. a. grow, cultivate <
raise cotton
b. to bring to maturity ; rear <
raise a child
c. to breed and bring (an animal) to maturity 6. a. to give rise to ; provoke <
raise a commotion
b. to give voice to <
raise a cheer
7. to bring up for consideration or debate <
raise an issue
8. a. to increase the strength, intensity, or pitch of <
don't raise your voice
b. to increase the degree of c. to cause to rise in level or amount <
raise the rent
d. (1) to increase the amount of (a poker bet) (2) to bet more than (a previous bettor) e. (1) to make a higher bridge bid in (a partner's suit) (2) to increase the bid of (one's partner) 9. to make light and porous <
raise dough
10. to cause to ascend <
raise the dust
11. to multiply (a quantity) by itself a specified number of times <
raise two to the fourth power
12. to bring in sight on the horizon by approaching <
raise land
13. a. to bring up the nap of (cloth) b. to cause (as a blister) to form on the skin 14. to increase the nominal value of fraudulently <
raise a check
15. to articulate (a sound) with the tongue in a higher position 16. to establish radio communication with intransitive verb 1. dialect rise 2. to increase a bet or bid Synonyms: see liftraiser noun II. noun Date: 1538 1. an act of raising or lifting 2. a rising stretch of road ; an upward grade ; rise 3. an increase in amount: as a. an increase of a bet or bid b. an increase in wages or salary 4. a vertical or inclined opening or passageway connecting one mine working area with another at a higher level

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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