I. noun Etymology: Middle English supyn, from Late Latin supinum, from Latin, neuter of supinus, adjective Date: 15th century 1. a Latin verbal noun having an accusative of purpose in -um and an ablative of specification in -u 2. an English infinitive with to II. adjective Etymology: Middle English suppyne, from Latin supinus; akin to Latin sub under, up to — more at up Date: 15th century 1. a. lying on the back or with the face upward b. marked by supination 2. exhibiting indolent or apathetic inertia or passivity; especially mentally or morally slack 3. archaic leaning or sloping backward Synonyms: see prone, inactivesupinely adverbsupineness noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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  • Supine — Su*pine , a. [L. supinus, akin to sub under, super above. Cf. {Sub }, {Super }.] 1. Lying on the back, or with the face upward; opposed to prone. [1913 Webster] 2. Leaning backward, or inclining with exposure to the sun; sloping; inclined. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Supine — Su pine, n. [L. supinum (sc. verbum), from supinus bent or thrown backward, perhaps so called because, although furnished with substantive case endings, it rests or falls back, as it were, on the verb: cf. F. supin.] (Lat. Gram.) A verbal noun;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • supine — (adj.) c.1500, from L. supinus turned or thrown backwards, inactive, indolent, related to sub under. The grammatical use for Latin verbal noun formed from the past participle stem is from L.L. supinum verbum supine verb, perhaps so called because …   Etymology dictionary

  • supine — [adj1] lying down decumbent, flat, flat on one’s back, horizontal, level, procumbent, prone, prostrate, reclining, recumbent, stretched out; concept 583 supine [adj2] inactive do nothing*, dormant, dull, idle, indolent, inert, lackadaisical, lax …   New thesaurus

  • supine — index inactive, indolent, insensible, languid, lifeless (dull), otiose, passive, phlegmatic …   Law dictionary

  • supine — 1 *prone, prostrate, recumbent, couchant, dormant 2 *inactive, inert, passive, idle Analogous words: slothful, *lazy, indolent, faineant: *lethargic, sluggish, torpid: apathetic, *impassive …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • supine — see prone …   Modern English usage

  • supine — ► ADJECTIVE 1) lying face upwards. 2) failing to act as a result of laziness or lack of courage; passive. DERIVATIVES supinely adverb supineness noun. ORIGIN Latin supinus bent backwards …   English terms dictionary

  • supine — [so͞o pīn′; ] also, and for n. always [, so͞o′pīn΄] adj. [L supinus, prob. akin to sub : see SUB ] 1. lying on the back, face upward 2. with the palm upward or away from the body: said of the hand 3. Old Poet. leaning or sloping backward 4.… …   English World dictionary

  • Supine — In grammar a supine is a form of verbal noun used in some languages. In Latin In Latin there are two supines, I and II. They are originally the accusative and dative or ablative forms of verbal noun in the fourth declension, respectively. The… …   Wikipedia

  • supine — [[t]su͟ːpaɪn[/t]] 1) ADJ If you are supine, you are lying flat on your back. [FORMAL] ...bedridden persons confined to the supine position. ...a statue of a supine dog. ADV: ADV after v Supine is also an adverb. I lay supine on the poolside grass …   English dictionary