I. adjective Etymology: Latin transeunt-, transiens, present participle of transire to cross, pass by, from trans- + ire to go — more at issue Date: 1599 1. a. passing especially quickly into and out of existence ; transitory <
transient beauty
b. passing through or by a place with only a brief stay or sojourn <
transient visitors
2. affecting something or producing results beyond itself • transiently adverb Synonyms: transient, transitory, ephemeral, momentary, fugitive, fleeting, evanescent mean lasting or staying only a short time. transient applies to what is actually short in its duration or stay <
a hotel catering primarily to transient guests
. transitory applies to what is by its nature or essence bound to change, pass, or come to an end <
fame in the movies is transitory
. ephemeral implies striking brevity of life or duration <
many slang words are ephemeral
. momentary suggests coming and going quickly and therefore being merely a brief interruption of a more enduring state <
my feelings of guilt were only momentary
. fugitive and fleeting imply passing so quickly as to make apprehending difficult <
let a fugitive smile flit across his face
fleeting moments of joy
. evanescent suggests a quick vanishing and an airy or fragile quality <
the story has an evanescent touch of whimsy that is lost in translation
. II. noun Date: 1652 1. one that is transient: as a. a transient guest b. a person traveling about usually in search of work 2. a. a temporary oscillation that occurs in a circuit because of a sudden change of voltage or of load b. a transient current or voltage

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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